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A community foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving. Community foundations work with individuals, families and companies to design bespoke grant making strategies that target particular issues or focus on particular geographical areas.

There are compelling complementarities between the Government and Non-Government sector - while NGOs have closer community and organisational basis and an ability to innovate; Government has the reach, scale and infrastructure for programme delivery over a large area. But there are serious doubts, and suspicions on both sides. Also systems of institutionalising the partnership do not exist in departments and government bodies. Effective development action requires diverse approaches, vibrant institutions and flexible structures. It is through partnerships and collaboration that all such approaches and institutions can be brought together and made to work for the benefit of the poor and marginalized communities.


Rashmoni Foundation visualizes a socially just, technologically improved and democratic society, free from ignorance, hunger, fear and exploitation where poor and marginalized have equal opportunity and rightful share of resources, information and development process.


To catalyze and facilitate development processes in a “rights framework” by investing in both organizing local communities and engaging with governance apparatus and creating synergy between traditional knowledge and technological advancement for securing long term well being of people .

Welcome to Rashmoni Foundation
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